Carnival’s Hub App – Your Mobile App to Everything On Board

Its FREE and its FUN! Prior to boarding the ship for your next Carnival cruise be sure to download the Carnival Hub App to your cell phone. Before the cruise it is not much more than a friendly reminder of  your upcoming cruise. The app will show you a countdown clock with the days, hours, minutes, and seconds before the fun cruise begins.

Once on board however, the app will be your guide to all the important details about your cruise. And for a small fee (just $5 for the entire cruise per device), it will allow you to stay in touch with family and friends who are sailing with you. The app itself will allow you to connect to the ship’s Wi-Fi for free for the entire cruise (internet access plans are extra). Note that unless you intend to use the telephone features of your device, you should put the device into “airplane” mode to avoid running up additional charges. The app itself will put in the palm of your hand all the information you need to get the most out of your cruise including the following:

Daily schedule – Carnival provides fun activities almost around the clock. A paper Fun Times will be delivered each day to your stateroom. That will list the ship’s activities and venue schedules. Instead of the paper version, the app will provide electronic access making it easier to carry around the ship.

Useful information – the app will also provide FAQs about the ship and the ship’s operation. Need to know how to dress for dinner – the answer will be there.

Food and drinks – this feature will allow you view service hours and details about each of the restaurants and bars.

Ship maps – one of most useful features of the app for those who are not familiar with the ship is the quick access to the deck plans. With this feature you will be able to view each deck and search for specific venues. All of the restaurants, bars and other venues can be found easily. Maybe even how to get back to your stateroom!

On board account – your Sign and Sail account will also be accessible with the app. With just a couple taps of the screen you will be able to view all expenditures – almost immediately after each purchase. If you are the  primary account holder you will be able to view expenditures of other guests in  your party – a great way to keep an eye on the kids.

Chat – if traveling with others the chat feature will be a must to stay in touch. This is the only feature that is not free. The current cost is just $5 per device for the entire cruise. The chat feature allows you to text message any of the guests on the ship who are also using the app. Chat is limited to the ship since it works through the ship’s Wi-Fi system –  so it won’t be functional in the ports.

Final thought – if you have any old cell phone devices that are no longer being used as phones, these make excellent devices for use on board the ship. Generally the smart phones that are no longer being used as phones can still connect to Wi-Fi and be used for the Hub app (they can also be used for use with an internet plan). The best part is that if you lose the extra device or damage it – you won’t feel quite as bad as if that happened to your more expensive cell phone.