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So, you're booked on Norwegian Cruise Line - now what?

Congratulations! You are booked on an exciting NCL Cruise! If you are wondering what to do next, you are at the right place. Once your booking has been made you will be able to complete "online check-in" and after full payment you will be able to access your documents, print your luggage, print your boarding pass, even reserve your port excursions. Instructions for accessing your booking online are contained in Steps 5 and 6, below - but don't rush to get there - please review carefully all of the important information in each step. If you booked your cruise through AREA Vacations and you have any questions, you can send an email to travel@area-vacations.com or call us at 770-591-5552.

Step 1 - Review Booking Information  
Allure in Labadee, Haiti

Check dates of travel, names, birthdates, etc. - Review your booking to make sure that you are on the correct ship leaving from the port you selected - on the date you wanted. Errors can be made and the sooner detected the better. Also, check to make sure names and birthdates appear on the booking exactly as they do on your passports. Name changes may result in additional fees to correct and failure to have matching documents may result in being denied boarding.

Step 2 - Check Itinerary  
Delta Airlines

Review your travel timeline - arrive early and plan a timely return - Plan to arrive at least the night before your cruise to minimize the possibilty of missing embarkation. If traveling to the west coast or Europe, consider arriving two or more days early to allow time to adjust to jet lag. Splurge a little on pre and post cruise hotels. Keep in mind time zone changes when traveling east or west. Know the ship's return time and plan your return flights accordingly.

Step 3 - Travel Insurance  
Travel Guard Travel Insurance

Protect the cost of your vacation from unforseen events - Most travel arrangements are non-refundable. What if ... a family member gets sick; your luggage is lost; you miss a flight connection; your trip is delayed; or you lose your job - with travel insurance, you can be covered. What if you lose your passport; have a medical emergency; require medical evacuation - Travel Guard can help! From 24-hr emergency travel assistance to a suite of travel insurance products to fit any family budget. Travel Guard plans are your top source for covering your trip. Click here to get a quote and review policy coverage options. AREA Vacations recommends gold or platinum coverage for most trips - be sure to obtain the coverage best for you. For maximum benefits, purchase travel insurance within two weeks of making your initial deposit.

Step 4 - Proper Identification  
Passport Information

Use passports when traveling outside of the United States - AREA Vacations recommends the use of passports valid for at least six months after the completion of travel for ALL trips outside the U.S. Closed-loop cruises (leave from and return to the same US port) allow for the use of an orginal or government certified birth certificate AND a government issued photo ID. Names on both must match. Marriage and divorce papers can be used to support name changes. However, in the event of an emergency return to the US, a passport will be required. For more information check out the website of the U. S. Department of State. For the latest travel warnings click here.

Step 5 - Online Check-in  
ncl legally blonde

Online Check-in - Gather your booking number, ship name, and sailing date and click here to access the log in page for NCL. If you are new to NCL you will want to create a new account. If you have an account you will be able to log in and view your current reservation. You will also be able to review your documents, reserve shore excursions, and reserve onboard services such as spa treatments. Your e-docs will be available at least 60 days prior to your cruise and 30 days prior to your cruise-tour. For cruise-tours it is best to wait until 30 days prior to the cruise before printing your cruise documents because that is when the hotel information becomes guarateed. Your e-docs will also contain your transfer information, so be sure to print those and take with you. Should you would like to access more information about preparing for your cruise on NCL click here. Looking for alternatives to the excursions offered by NCL? Please try one or more of our affiliate shore excursion specialists - either Shore Excursions Group, Shore Trips, or Port Promotions for a variety of exciting excursions that may offer more for less and allow you to participate with smaller groups.

Step 6 - Print Cruise Documents  
ncl getaway

Print Boarding Pass and Luggage Tags - Be sure to print, and take with you, your Boarding Pass which is part of your e-docs and luggage tags. The Boarding Pass should contain each passenger's name for that reservation. Alternatively, each passenger will need a separate Boarding Pass. This will expedite your boarding of the ship - so, you'll be enjoying a delicious buffet lunch in one of the many dining venues onboard. For additional information about preparing for your NCL cruise please visit the NCL website and then mouse-over "Get Ready For Your Cruise" to see several options.

That's all there is to it. Now have a wonderful cruise vacation! Be sure to take lots of photos. We hope you will share your experience with us when you return.
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