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Thank you for choosing AREA Vacations to assist with your travel or vacation plans. AREA Vacations strives to provide its clients with the best value, choice and service in travel. To consistently perform in a manner that exceeds client expectations, the following policies have been adopted.

Travel Documents - Travelers are responsible for having the necessary documentation for domestic and international travel; and for making sure that names on all bookings and reservations are the same as they appear on the necessary documentation. For international trips necessary documentation includes passports, and may include visas and required or current immunizations. Generally, a United States citizen traveling abroad must be in possession of a current passport which will be valid for six months beyond the expected travel dates. Current travel requirements and restrictions can be found on the U.S. State Department’s website http://www.state.gov. For “closed loop” cruises (leaving from and returning to the same U.S. port), travelers may use an original or certified copy of their birth certificate AND a government issued photo ID in the same name as shown on the birth certificate (or provide government issued documentation to show the “chain” of any name changes). Nonetheless, AREA Vacations strongly recommends the use of passports for all travel outside of the United States.

Travel Insurance - Most reservations require a partial or complete non-refundable financial commitment to travel. Cancellation of travel plans and/or changes in those plans may result in additional charges. AREA Vacations recommends protecting travel plans with travel insurance which may permit recovery of some or all of the non-refundable fares and/or change and cancellation fees for unforeseen events covered by the policy. Depending on the insurance company and the coverage selected, travel insurance may offer compensation for trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, and loss of baggage. In addition, most policies will offer assistance with medical expenses and a variety of travel assistance services. It is recommended that travel insurance be purchased within 14 days of your initial deposit to receive maximum benefits which may include a waiver of previous medical conditions and coverage for default of the travel or cruise provider. Information and coverage may be obtained through either of AREA Vacation's preferred insurance providers - TravelGuard or iTravelInsured. Call 770-591-5552 or send an email to travel@area-vacations.com to obtain additional information about travel insurance.

Booking and Service Fees - With some exceptions, AREA Vacations generally does not charge a booking fee or “mark up” prices. Our prices are the same or lower than the prices you will find offered by travel providers such as cruise lines, hotels, tour operators and resorts. Our lower prices are often the result of our group rates, promotions, travel packaging, or selling volume. AREA Vacations is generally compensated by the travel provider (cruise lines, hotels, tour operators, and resorts) when travel is completed according to the terms and conditions of the travel provider. However, exceptions do apply which may require charging a service charge. Examples include shorter cruises (3-4 nights), lower cost resorts, more complex travel, or travel requiring more agency counseling, involvement or resources. Service fees are often included in the total travel costs and may not be shown separately. AREA Vacations also will charge a non-refundable service fee to assist travelers in planning a trip or for assembling a variety of travel options. Service fees are based on the complexity and extent to which services are requested. Certain service fees may be credited toward any booking made within 30 days of the service provided. The credit will be provided as part of the final or full payment for travel arrangements. Service fees which are credited will be forfeited if the booking is later cancelled.

Cancelation Costs - In recognition of the uncompensated and additional effort on the part of AREA Vacations when reservations or bookings are canceled (either actively or passively by failing to make required payments), AREA Vacations charges a cancellation fee for any reservations or bookings which have been partially paid or fully paid. The cancellation fee is equal to 10% of the gross travel costs or $75 per reservation whichever is greater. Additionally, the traveler will forfeit any service fees associated with the booking. AREA Vacations cancellation penalties are in addition to those that may be imposed by the travel provider. Please refer to the travel provider’s policy regarding cancellations.

Change Fees - Both the travel provider and AREA Vacations may charge fees for making any changes to a reservation or booking which has been partially or fully paid.

Fuel Supplement Charge - Travel providers including cruise lines reserve the right to impose a fuel supplement charge based on the price of oil. Fuel supplement charges are imposed at the discretion of the travel provider.

Subject to Change - Fares, itineraries, and accommodations are all subject to change without notice.

Prices Quoted - Cruise passengers are advised that prices quoted for most cruise travel does not include taxes and government fees, the cost of transportation to and from the port; parking at the port; gratuities; travel insurance or alcoholic/carbonated beverages unless specifically stated in the quote.

Payments, Online Check-in, and Boarding Documents - Each traveler is responsible for making timely payments on bookings to avoid cancellation and/or price changes. In addition, each traveler is responsible for completing online check-in, printing boarding passes, obtaining luggage tags, and providing requested personal information to the travel provider which will facilitate both boarding and access to accommodations upon arrival. For travelers who prefer - AREA Vacations will be happy to assist with online check-in ($35 service fee) and with obtaining boarding passes and luggage tags ($25 service fee). For more information or assistance please contact AREA Vacations.

Returned Check Charges - AREA Vacations charges $50 for checks that are returned.

Limitation on Liability - It is understood and agreed that should AREA Vacations, or the agents, employees, or independent contractors of AREA Vacations be found liable for any losses or damages resulting from a failure to perform any of the obligations of AREA Vacations, including, but not limited to negligence, breach of contract, or otherwise, that the liability of AREA Vacations or the agents, employees, or independent contractors of AREA Vacations shall be limited to a sum equal to the commission earned by AREA Vacations in the specific transaction or $500 whichever is the lesser amount. 

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